First Time Swallows
We Get First Time Girls to Swallow Big Loads of Cum Like Never Before
Megan's First Time Swallowing Cum
Megan has never really sucked a good dick before. She has never been known as being a good dick sucker by all her previous boyfriends. She would always stop giving a blowjob when the guy was going to cum. What a total loser. But not today! This is her first time swallowing and we won't let her go without first giving her a full load.
Aubrey at 1st Time Swallows
We tried to aim our massive load of cum straight into Aubrey's awaiting mouth, but it looks like we missed. Whoopsie. Some of that hot cum ended up on her face. Hope she didn't mind. The next load we'll try to give it all inside her mouth, perhaps a direct cum injection without taking the cock out will assure us of a perfect strike.
Daryn Deepthroats Cocks
First Time Swallows Daryn was poor and didn't have $$$ for her demo cd tape that she wanted to put out. We gave her a chance to pay for it with her mouth. She was confused, at first, but when we took out a huge dick she knew what this biz was all about. So go watch Daryn take cum to the back of her throat. Eww!
Faith Gets a Face Full of Cum
Faith absolutely hates swallowing or having cum in her mouth. Frankly, who could blame her. She would always spit the cum out. Ever since her days in high school she complete detested that white stuff in her mouth. She's a cum dodger to say the least. No dodging today because today's her very 1st time swallowing the cum shot.
Here Are Some More Amateur Babes Drinking Sperm For The Very First Time
Kacey Drinks Gallons of Cum
Forget about a little cum swallowing. This is not the place for that dumb shit, this is all about huge loads, homie. Kacey seemingly drank a gallon of cum in this "First Time Swallows" episode. She didn't enjoy it too much, but it sure was fun to watch her try and get this stuff in her mouth and down the hatchet.
Eva Swallows Every Drop
This hottie was all sad and down because the pool was closed and she wanted to get wet. She sucked my fat warm cock like it was a popsicle instead. That way she gets her pussy wet and her mouth wet because of the sticky icky goo she'd be getting. My balls were so full of cum that the explosion was memorable.
Nikki's First Time Swallowing Jizz
A blonde babe named Nikki came to show us her moves but I had other plans for her tonight. Frankly, I could care less about watching her dance. I'd rather see her try and eat semen instead. Watch me make this sweet college prostitute drink down a little lovely male juice for the first time ever in her life.
Sonia Hates Tasting Cum
First Time Swallows Sonia needed some new blue jeans so she went shopping at Macy's at the mall. She was broke so we offered her cold hard cash to squirt in her mouth. She was confused but it's all about the money shot here so after she worked the dick over, it was time to shoot a massive dump inside and between her lips.
These Girls Hate Cum But They're Going To Try Swallowing Cum Today
1st Time Swallows Bailey
When we saw Bailey for the first time we instantly knew she would be great. When we knew out she didn't like tasting cum, we knew she had to gulp the cum down. Harmony
Harmony was nothing but sweet music for us. If you enjoy watching young girls swallowing cum, then "First Time Swallows" is for you. Join our exclusive reality site now!
Hailey Swallows for the 1st Time
This chick hangs out at a local junior college looking for big cock. She's First Time Swallows: Hailey. And today, she sucked cock good, then she drank cum down like she liked it.
Her First Swallows Desiree
Desiree wanted to try swallowing so bad. Let me tell you what she did here on First Time Swallows. She got on her knees and sucked dick. Then took a shot of cum in her mouth.
These Hot Women Make Mouthfuls Of Cum Disappear Down Their Throats
First Time Swallows Alicia
Alicia might seem like a slut, but this girl refuses to swallow. She's been a cum dodger her whole life. Instead of swallowing her hubby's cum, she's gonna swallow ours!
Courtney - First Time Swallows
Courtney was eager to suck dick so I filled her pussy with my warm cock first. Now how about some sperm? Watch this slut swallow big loads of sperm and hate it so bad.
Laura's 1st Time Swallowing
Laura was ready to perform her "1st time swallowing cum" scene at "First Time Swallows". I got it all on video, see how it went down - here at First Time Swallows.
1st Time Swallows Dillan
This teen was ready for some deep throating action. I rewarded First Time Swallows Dillan with a sticky load of my sour cum by pouring down a testicle load down her throat.
Sperm Virgins And Lesbians Get A Mouthful Of That White Sticky Surprise
Candi - First Time Swallows
On the next episode of First Time Swallows, we brought in a 1st time swallowing chick named Candi. I got to dribble my sticky icky pre-ejaculate juices all down her chin and then all the way inside her warm mouth.
Veronica's Swallow Audition
First Time Swallows presents Veronica in her first time swallowing audition. She was a sweet horny teenage slut who was down for fucking but didn't want anything to do with swallowing. We don't play that game here.
Joey Valentine Swallowing
Joey Valentine
This babe hated cum so much but we forced her to swallow a full load. She tilted her head back, all the way back, and opened up her mouth awaiting a big load. She sure got one and she ended up cautiously swallowing it.
Isabella Amour Eating Cum
This whole eating cum thing is a brand new thing for this teenager. She knows all about giving handjobs but has only given a few blowjobs in her life but never swallowed before. This would be her 1st time eating cum.
Down Their Throats It Goes And There You Have It; Their 1st Time Swallowing
Allison Pierce Sucks Dick
Allison Pierce
Cum Cum Cum! That's all girls seem to want nowadays. It seems like it's cum and money. While sometimes you might be short on money hopefully you'll never be short of cum, especially when a babe like this is around.
Tawni Ryder's First Cumshot
Tawni Ryder
She always knew deep down inside she was a jizz swallower, she could swallow her own gum, stuff a banana in her mouth and even deepthroat cock, but she never drank sperm until First Time Swallows got to her
Dylan Katz Swallows Semen
Dylan Katz
This is what scares her about semen: the viscosity of semen and the flavor of semen. She requested that our dude drink pineapple juice to mask the flavor of his semen before she swallowed her first batch of semen.
Tiffany Meadows 1st Blowjob
Tiffany Meadows
According to this next babe, swallowing cum is just for pornstars. Well since this is a porn site I guess she is a pornstar for a day, so it's okay for her to put sperm in her mouth and take her first load.
Do you want to hear about my porn story? Well even if you don't. Here it goes. I meet a girl online and she was such a hot babe. Let me tell you something, she had a really wide butt which makes sex fun because not only her boobies shake but also her booty too. She's not some hot MILF but rather a younger chick who flashes her boobs online. She's got large tits so large they could be natural or could be fake. But man can they shake either way. So do you like my story about my hot girlfriend? I'll tell you more about her suckable boobs later.

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